Shortlist marketing is an outbound telemarketing company that get sales appointments for their clients. The owner of the business needs to know how productive and how successful his team are.

Originally, at the end of each day, each team member would fill in a spreadsheet of the number of calls they made and the outcomes gained. This worked but the information could be quite inaccurate and difficult to monitor especially as many of his team are remote workers.

I built a system that gave each member of the team an application on their computer desktop which they could quickly record the outcome of every call they made.  The application could also import call details from the telephone system where each team member is allocated their own number.

Over the past few months, I have created several reports giving the owner the information he needs to build his business. These reports include:

  • Outcomes by user.
  • Outcomes by client.
  • Outcomes by weekday.
  • Outcomes by working hour.
  • Outcomes against call duration.

The owner also has a complete overview of what is happening in real-time.

To learn more about measuring your telemarketing results then please get in touch with me.