Saracens Group rent and monitor CCTV and security equipment to building sites across the UK. When there was just one engineer in the business and one customer to deal with this was a simple task. However, with rapid expansion came the headache of not knowing what equipment was where, who supplied it, how much was paid for it and quite importantly when was the battery last changed as most of the building sites do not have power.

What Saracens Group needed was an asset management system to keep track of customers, building sites as well as the actual assets. Although the engineers can configure networks, IP cameras and other sensors they only have basic computer knowledge so the system had to be easy to use and work tethered to their mobile phone so that it could be updated at the building sites.

I have built Saracens Group an easy to use computer system that can easily be expanded as the business grows. All of the engineers now know what equipment is on which site and the business owner can quickly calculate the monthly rental charge for each customer.

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