Pneu-Therm Limited have been a customer of mine since 2006. They started with a simple database to store details of heating elements that they manufacture and sell all over the world. Now the computer system is used by all members of staff on a daily basis and includes an Ohm’s Law calculator, a customer database (CRM) and a serial number database to track heater configurations and warranty details.

The latest project was to convert a costing spreadsheet developed in-house over a 20 year period. The spreadsheet was maintained by just one person and had grown rapidly to the point where no one else dares amend any prices without fear of upsetting the calculation.

My solution was to create a new application within the existing application which had two sides. The first side was available to everybody, where they could enter the specifications of the heating element and would be given a cost price and a sales price. The second side was for the management team only and was password protected, this side held or the costs of materials complete with dates when the prices were last checked and updated.

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