NewLinc Industrial Doors Ltd install and maintain industrial and security doors across the UK. They currently have three engineers but are looking to expand.

Before we created an app for them they used to email the job to the engineer who would then fill in a job sheet and a risk assessment form. When the job was complete they would either post the forms back to head office or take them on their next visit. This caused a delay in invoicing and the possibility of losing the job sheets.

NewLinc were happy with emailing the jobs to the engineers as they simply forwarded on the emails from the customer to the engineers. They did not want to employ an administrator to simply to control the work coming in.

We created an application to run on a Microsoft Windows tablet (Linx 10 tablet, less than £200 at time of writing) that the engineer could enter the job details and fill out the risk assessment form. We then created a Microsoft Windows Desktop app that received the details from all the engineers tablets and allowed the accounts clerk to quickly print or email the job sheet along with an invoice and send to the customer.

These two applications cost NewLinc less than £2000 including the tablets and was in testing within 3 weeks of the initial meeting. If your business would like to invoice on the same day as the job was performed then please fill out the form below.