1On1 Recruit Ltd is based in Mansfield and recruits candidates for both temporary and permanent positions. Initially, this project started as a database of prospects which over time became clients. Each client has one or many contacts. The contact can be the owner of the business, the person that deals with recruitment or the person who deals with the accounts.

With more and more candidates registering with 1on1 Recruit there became a need to automatically work out the which candidates could fill which vacancies and this is now the main focus of the computer system. 

When a candidate registers on the website the details are automatically entered into the computer system along with their CV ready for a member of staff to contact and verify the details.

Notes can be added to the clients, contacts within the client, the candidate and the vacancy. This makes sure that everyone within the business knows exactly what is going on at all times and that the business owner can take time off without her phone ringing all the time.

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