Benefits of a bespoke computer system

The main benefit to having a bespoke computer system is that it allows your business to grow without having to employ extra admin staff. But there  are other ways that a computer system designed specifically for your business can benefit your business.


The more you can automate, the more you can save. It is not just big companies like Amazon that can afford to automate their processes and a computer system for your business can get you started.

Increases Value

The computer system will be written for your business and therefore the system will become part of your business. Any potential bidders will see that you have systems in place and their offer will be increased.

Data Can Be Validated

With a computer system you can make sure that your staff enter the information that you require.

Access To Information

You don’t have to return to the office to locate information about a job or a customer.


You and your staff know exactly what is going on. No more “Sorry, Jim is not in the office today, can you ring back tomorrow” when a staff member if off.


At the touch of a button you can have the information that allows you to make decisions on how to grow the company. How many jobs per month, what time is busiest.


You can add audit trails, user details and timestamps to all your transactions. If you need to know who did what and when a computer system can tell you this.

Benefits of having your computer system written by me

I want to create the best possible computer system for you at a price your business can afford. I have systems in place that will automatically update your code, send me error reports and monitor your database activity. This means that if there is a problem then I will know about it, can rectify it and send you a new version of your software without having to visit your site.

No Middle Man

I will be the one writing your system. I do not ship out the coding to a 3rd party.

Development Speed

My software is built of components, components that I have written for other projects. If I can use an existing component in your system then I will. This speeds up the development process and reduces the cost.

Reduced Paperwork

I do not need a detailed technical specification. Most of the systems I have written have started life as basic drawings on a piece of A4.

Design Flexibility

If you change your mind on how something should work whilst the system is being developed then you can. There are many ways to implement the same functionality and sometimes it is trial and error to get the best way for you and your business.

Ease Of Use

There is no need to send your staff away to learn how to use your system, you designed it and therefore you will know how it works.


You do not have to decide who can or cannot use your system, your entire company can. I do not charge per user, a computer system can only be useful if everyone in the business who needs access can access it.


You do not need to be in the office to access a computer system written by me. Staff want to work remotely, whether from home or on the road. My systems allow you to do this. You do not need an expensive server or a remote desktop connection, just the software installed on their laptop.


Your existing data can be imported. If you are currently using a spreadsheet or database then I can take that data and functionality and make it part of your computer system.


I can produce reports to help you understand the data you are collecting both on screen and to a printer. Past projects have included label printers, bar-codes printers as well as PDF documents.


Your data will be secure. You decide what your staff can access and what they can change, export or print. Your database will be backed up daily and is held in a very secure UK location.

Future Growth

Need to add more functionality to your system? Has your business changed? The software is designed for your business so if you need to change your software then it can be.


You do not need to invest in state of the art equipment like laptops or servers. My software will run on any Windows laptop bought in the last 10 years and the database can be hosted in the cloud.


I can integrate with your existing systems including accounts packages, dispatch systems, direct debits, Google as well as services like SMS text messaging.


There are several ways you can pay for the development of your software including by project, by hour, monthly or even get an R&D grant. All options can be discussed.