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Bespoke Computer Systems For Your Business

Your business is growing, and it is my job to give you the information that you need to increase your profitability. I do this by listening to your requirements and then creating databases, desktop software, web & mobile applications, so the information you need is simple to collect and easy to use. I try not to use technical jargon, and I won’t be expecting a technical specification from you.

Easy To Use

My systems are designed to be intuitive. We will have built the system together, so you will know how it works.


Everybody you want to have access to your data will be able to. My systems are not priced by user.


Your staff will have access to your system from wherever they need to work.


You decide what your staff can access, change, export or print.


You can add more functionality to your system as your business grows.


My software will run on any Microsoft Windows laptop or PC bought in the last ten years.

Are You Ready to Discuss Your Project With Me?

It costs nothing to find out if I can help you. I need to find out what you do, how you work and what you need. You need to know if I am up to the task!


Satisfied Clients


Tailored Solutions



Why Use A Software Developer

Your business is unique. Your staff’s needs, your business requirements, your stock management is like no other company in the world. Why try and retro fit existing software to fulfil your set up, creating problems from the get go. As a software developer for hire, Busifixer will tailor make software to your exacting requirements. Simply, tell us what you need it to do and that’s what it will be written to do.

Who Am I Working With?

My clients come from all industries but the one thing they have in common is that they want to be more efficient and to have information to hand so that they can better service their customers. Check out their websites to see what they do.

Some Of My Clients

What My Clients Say

Current Projects

All businesses have the same aim: to make a profit. I work with you to provide you with the computer systems and the information you need to grow. My customers range from start-ups to multi-million pound operations.

Job Management

A local mechanical repair company needs to keep track of his customers equipment as it comes in for work.

Asset Management

A national security company hires out alarms and cctv equipment to builders and needs to keep track of the rental items.

Cloud Hosting

Converting an existing Microsoft Access database to cloud hosting so that staff can work from home and on the road.


A monitor on the wall shows all the vacancies that a recruitment company has. More professional than a whiteboard.


A start-up wants a customer database like he used in his last job but more tailored to his new business.

Event Organisation

A health & safety company run presentations all over the UK and need a way of keeping track of presentations.

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